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Deluxe Birthing Suites

Deluxe Birthing Suite, UAMS Labor and Delivery Services

It is our wish to provide you with a nurturing environment in which to birth your baby. That’s why UAMS Medical Center devotes an entire floor solely for labor and delivery. Every suite is private and comes with deluxe accommodations including a recliner, private shower and free television.

Each suite is also equipped so that labor, delivery and immediate recovery can all be done in one spacious room that’s big enough for the entire family.

Normally, moms and babies without complications only have to stay in the hospital 24 hours after delivery. You will spend that time on the mother-baby unit with nurses who will help you prepare to care for yourself and your new baby at home. A day or two after you get home, a nurse will call and check on you and the baby.

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