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Labor and Delivery

Labor and delivery services at UAMS

You are about to embark on the most rewarding event of your life — the birth of a healthy, happy new baby. And, by choosing UAMS you will be giving yourself and your baby the absolute best medical care possible. Our world-class health care team looks forward to assisting you in the miracle of childbirth.

We know that you want the best for your baby. And if your baby needs special attention, you’ll find comfort in knowing that UAMS has a world-class neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) on site to provide the best medical services available to your baby.

Deluxe Birthing Suites

We wish to provide you with a nurturing environment to have your baby. That’s why our UAMS Medical Center devotes an entire floor to labor and delivery. Every suite is private and comes with deluxe accommodations, including a recliner, television and private shower.

Each suite is also equipped so that labor, delivery and immediate recovery can all be done in one spacious room that’s big enough for the entire family.

Normally, moms and babies who do not have complications only need to stay in the hospital 24 hours after delivery. You will spend that time on the mother-baby unit with nurses who will help you prepare to care for yourself and your new baby at home. A day or two after you get home, a nurse will call to check on you and the baby.

Care for Mother and Baby

Care for you and your baby is also offered by our family physicians at the Family Medical Center both before and after delivery. Along with your doctor, you can develop a “birth plan” for your labor and delivery. This lets us help you have a safe and happy birth. After delivery, we provide check-up visits, shots and care when your baby is sick.

For more information on Family Medical Center care at UAMS, please call 501-686-6560.

More Labor and Delivery Information

At UAMS, we believe that knowledge is power, so we offer a free Labor and Delivery Unit tour.

We also offer many classes to help you learn about preparing for birth and breastfeeding. If you already have a child or children, we can help prepare your family with our sibling class. You can register for classes individually or can register for our Baby on Board class package. And our classes extend beyond the birth of your baby to include classes on infant and child care.

To learn more, please make an appointment or contact one of our women’s health clinics.

Midwives are available to care for lower-risk patients. At UAMS, midwives provide triage care on our labor and delivery floor and are available to deliver low-risk patients who desire a midwife experience during daytime hours. Should you desire to have a midwife experience for your birth, you will simply need to voice that at the time of your admission and we will try to accommodate.

Having a Baby at UAMS

To make your health care during pregnancy and birth as easy as possible, please read this information about our services and resources: Patient Guide.