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Breastfeeding 2.0

The first hour after your baby’s birth – known as the GOLDEN HOUR – is a special time that can never Newborn infantbe recaptured. At UAMS we think this special time should be for your baby to meet you for the first time while being held naked on mom’s chest. This SKIN-TO-SKIN contact is so important because it keeps babies warm, reassured and calm, enhances the bond between mother and child, and can help make the first breastfeed a beautiful experience.

Our goal is to let this first hour be all about you and your baby, and we will seek to minimize any interruptions or separation if at all possible during this special time. Friends

and family are encouraged to visit after this special bonding time between mother, partner and infant.

At UAMS, babies stay with the mom 24/7 unless the baby needs to go to the nursery for special care. Your baby will only leave your room for certain tests and procedures.

  • The benefits of 24-hour rooming in helps:
    • mom to learn the baby’s feeding cues
    • mom to learn how to care for the baby
    • mom to meet baby’s requests for feeding
    • mom to learn how to care for the baby
  • Baby-led feeding means watching for your baby to show you when he/she is hungry:
  • Feeding your baby when you see these signs helps the baby to be settled and content. It will also help prevent breastfeeding problems.
  • Feeding your baby when he/she is hungry will help the baby learn to regulate appetite and recognize when they are full. This means they are less likely to be obese and overeat later in life.
  • Some cues of feeding from baby are:
    • stirring
    • mouth opening
    • turning head
    • seeking and rooting for food
    • fingers in mouth
    • The more times you feed your baby, the more milk your body will make.