3-D Mammograms 2017-01-28T09:35:40-05:00

3-D Mammograms

At the forefront of medical technology, the UAMS Breast Center offers 3-D mammography as one of the tools to help women in the fight against breast cancer.

Known as breast tomosynthesis, this 3-D screening has been shown to more effectively detect invasive breast cancers. The UAMS Breast Center routinely uses this technology for the patients that they screen.

The 3-D mammogram provides a view of the structures within the breast – such as milk ducts, fat, ligaments and blood vessels – from angles not available on a traditional 2-D image. Doctors are able to look at sections of the breast as thin as one millimeter to detect breast cancers while they are smaller and more likely to be curable.

Unlike traditional mammography, the machine is not stationary but moves around the breast to take many x-rays at different angles in a matter of seconds. The 3-D mammography has proven to reduce the number of call backs for additional tests and therefore decrease patient anxiety. The technology may also be used by any woman upon request.

Please contact our Breast Center to learn more about 3-D mammography or to schedule an appointment.