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Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes

The birth of your baby will be one the most memorable events in your life. UAMS offers a wide variety of classes to help make your experience a positive one.

Prenatal Classes are a great way for expectant parents to learn about and prepare for labor and birth. The goal is to provide you with information to minimize your fears and help you make the best-informed decisions. You’ll also learn techniques to help you relax and cope.

Prenatal classes are not just for expectant moms. Dads, partners, grandparents and other family members are also welcome!

You can check out details for the variety of prenatal and infant and childcare classes that we offer:

UAMS employees will receive a $10 discount if they take all classes (except Sibling)
In order to view class dates and times, as well as check on availability, please click the “Prenatal/Infant and Child Care Class Registration” link to the right.

Please note that the UAMS Patient Education Department does not currently offer Lamaze as one of our class offerings.

For more information call 501-686-8084.