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Patient Advocate

The Power of a Health Care Advocate

Patient Relations wants to ensure you have the best possible care experience during your visit at UAMS.  One way to ensure this happens is to choose a patient advocate.  An advocate is a “supporter, believer, sponsor, promoter, campaigner, backer, or spokesperson.”  An effective advocate is someone you trust, who is willing to act on your behalf and has the ability to work well with members of your healthcare team. Your health care team includes your doctor, nurse, care manager, and any other professional associated with your care.

An advocate may be a member of your family, such as a spouse, relative, close friend, or caregiver you trust.  If you do not have someone who can act on your behalf, Patient Relations can assist you.  Contact a Patient Relations Coordinator and they will help you connect with the people and professionals who can provide you with information, address your concerns or help you learn more about you or your loved ones condition.

Choosing Your Personal Health Care Advocate

A good health care advocate is someone who knows you well, is calm, organized, assertive, and comfortable asking questions. When selecting an advocate, it is best to:

  • Clearly explain the kind of help you need and your concerns.
  • Provide details of your medical history. Make sure you provide permission for the doctor and other health care professionals to share information about you with your advocate.
  • Ask your advocate to take notes.
  • Give your advocates contact information to your health care team and give your advocate your health care team’s contact information.

Patient Relations Advocate can help with:

  • Provide information regarding UAMS policies and procedures.
  • Help you navigate our hospital system.
  • Receive compliments or suggestions about staff and/or services.
  • Facilitate family meetings between you and your treatment team.
  • Connect you to the right team for advanced care planning and completion of advance directives.

If you do not have someone you trust to act on your behalf as a patient advocate, please contact the UAMS Patient Relations Department. Give us the opportunity to help you navigate your care.

Patient Relations 

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