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Patient Requests to Amend Records

UAMS patients have the right to request that UAMS amend their health information that UAMS maintains in their medical records.

Requests by the patient to amend or correct health information in UAMS’ medical record must be made in writing and include a reason to support the request. Supporting documentation, such as the medical records in question or an additional sheet explaining details regarding the request, may be sent with the form.

You may obtain more information and a Request for Amendment of Health Information form by calling the Health Information Management (HIM) Horizontal color portrait of pretty female doctor at office sincerely smiling and looking at a computer. Wearing white lab coat and stethoscope around neck.Department at 501-526-6765.  The HIM Department, which is located in the Central Building on the ground floor (in G200, which is close to the cafeteria), can supply a copy of the form. Or you can access the form online: UAMS Request for Amendment of PHI.

Although mailing the form is preferred, you may also fax the form to 501-603-1835.  If you have not been contacted within two weeks of mailing or faxing the form, please call to verify the form was received.

Phone:  501-296-1012 or 501-526-6765 – Ask for Amendment Requests

Fax: 501-603-1835

Address: UAMS Medical Center
Attn:  HIM-Amendment Requests
4301 West Markham St., Slot 524
Little Rock, AR  72205


Note:  UAMS has 60 days after receipt of the request in writing to act upon a patient’s request to amend their health information.  If UAMS is unable to act on the request within the 60-day period, UAMS may have a one-time extension of not more than 30 additional days.  UAMS must inform the patient in writing of the delay, the reasons for the delay and a date that UAMS will provide a response.  In certain circumstances, UAMS may deny a patient’s request to amend their records.  If a request to amend is denied, UAMS will provide the patient with a written denial that will include the basis for the denial.   UAMS is committed to the accuracy of our patients’ medical records.