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Hip Replacement

When you need a hip replacement to relieve pain and improve movement, it is critical to have a support team to help you weather the storm. Here at UAMS we provide a team approach that consists of doctors, residents, students and many more who are focused on improving your health and your ability to live a happier, pain free life.

Hip replacement surgeries consist of removing the injured part of the hip joint and replacing it with synthetic parts. The most common reason for a hip replacement is osteoarthritis in the hip joint, which occurs when flexible tissue at the end of the hipbone wears out.

Doctors might also recommend hip replacement surgery if you have:

  • Injury/extreme pain of the hip joint
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteonecrosis

Risk factors associated with this surgery may include blood clots, dislocation, fracture or infection. But the evolvement of hip replacement has been incredible — years ago the average length of stay for hip replacement was around 12 days but now patients get to go home the next day after their surgery. The caring specialists here at UAMS provide personalized medical care for the patient and work to ensure their rapid and successful recovery.

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