COVID-19 Information for New and Expecting Mothers

Last modified: January 14, 2022
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UAMS Health strongly recommends that every person aged 5 and over get a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines have proven to be safe and very effective in preventing severe disease or death from this virus. A COVID-19 infection during or soon after pregnancy can lead to more severe infection and complications, and a vaccine can help protect both you and your baby.

When getting vaccinated at UAMS Health, unless you and your doctor decide to use a different vaccine, you will receive the Pfizer vaccine, which takes two doses. This vaccine has been used in new moms and breastfeeding moms for many months now, and there are no reports of serious side effects.

Your care team will make arrangements for you to be vaccinated before you go home from the hospital. It is very important that all adults who will be around your baby are protected against the COVID-19 virus. Family members can also get vaccinated while they are at UAMS Health Medical Center. If you have questions, just ask your doctor or nurse.

For more information about the dangers of COVID-19, who in your family should receive a COVID-19 vaccination and when it is appropriate to get vaccinated, visit the links below.

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