Surgical safety training 2015-07-16T10:12:50-05:00

According to the Journal for Nurses in Staff Development (December, 2004; 20(6): 247-252), staff training should be a continuous competency-based process that exceeds regulatory standards and enhances overall knowledge. Many different types of training are used. Some common types of surgical training programs are:

  • inservices (unit-based instruction)

  • traditional courses (academic instruction)

  • practice under the guidance of a preceptor (hands-on instruction)

Because of the complexity of surgery and the potential for harm, a combination of ongoing training methods is recommended to help staff continually enhance knowledge and skills regarding surgical safety.

Simulation is a newer training method that uses real-life situations, in a simulated setting. It allows operating room staff members to learn, discuss, practice, and be evaluated, while fully participating in the learning experience.