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Number of primary and revision hip replacements performed annually 2017-03-20T14:19:19-05:00

Studies have shown that there is a relationship between the number of total hip replacement (primary and revision) procedures performed at a hospital and quality outcomes. One study of 70,000 Medicare patients indicated that at hospitals in which more than 100 of the procedures were performed per year, patients had a lower risk of death and selected complications than those treated in hospitals in which ten or fewer procedures were performed per year (
The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, November 2001: 83; 1622-1629) .

In addition, The 100 Top Hospitals: Orthopedic Benchmarks for Success study, conducted by HCIA-Sachs, found that hospitals that perform the most orthopaedic procedures appear to be doing a better job controlling patient complications and have the lowest death rates (For 2000 study: Modern Healthcare, February 26, 2001: 14-20).

Some complications are inevitable and hospitals can reach a plateau where additional procedure volume does not reduce the number of complications (Journal of Arthroplasty, September 2004: 19 (6): 694-699).