Vascular Surgeon Availability 2015-07-16T10:12:51-06:00

The Dartmouth Atlas of Vascular Health Care found that, in a nationwide sample of Medicare patients undergoing vascular surgery, vascular surgeons performed 39 percent of all elective (non-emergency) abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repairs, versus 33 percent for cardiothoracic surgeons and 28 percent for general surgeons. Vascular surgeons as a group had a lower 30-day mortality rate than the cardiothoracic and general surgeons. In addition, as a group, vascular surgeons performed more elective AAA repairs per individual surgeon than did the other two groups (Journal of Vascular Surgery, October 2001: 34(4); 751-756). Other studies, using patient data from Ontario, Canada and Florida, have found similar results (Journal of Vascular Surgery, March 2001: 33(3); 447-452).