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Quality Measures

Quality Measures

Quality and safety are two things we take seriously at UAMS. Safety in medical care can be traced to the Hippocratic Oath’s “do no harm.” To us, quality means we provide care that improves the patient’s condition when medically possible.

There are numerous scientifically researched measurements for quality and safety used in health care today. We focus primarily on Core Measures set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and National Patient Safety Guidelines set by the hospital-accrediting Joint Commission. We regularly report our performance to the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees.

We continually review these measurements, seeking ways to improve the care we deliver. You can find our latest care reports related to:

While at UAMS, our patients and their families can expect:

Care that is evidence-based, meaning there is evidence that what our caregivers do will benefit the patient, or if there is no existing evidence, then there is clearly minimal risk

Our mission as a research leader offers access to potentially life-saving new treatments, but we conduct our research in a way that honors our patients’ wishes, allows them to make a knowledgeable choice to participate and protects their health care and health information

Our role as a teaching hospital means supervised students may be involved in the health care team, but we will make sure patients are informed and given an opportunity to make a decision about student involvement.

Above all, the safety of our patients is paramount.