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Patient Comments

Comments from patients recognizing the excellent quality of health care received at UAMS

A Message from Grateful Parents

[Our daughter] Lindsey is a ‘fighter,'” she has had more hospital surgeries than Barbie and I can remember at several different hospitals in Texas and Arkansas. By far the care at UAMS is the best we have ever experienced.”

“We made some good friends on this unit and shared some personal stories with many of you and I always felt like each of you went above and beyond in patient care and keeping our spirits up. There is no way to adequately thank you, I tried when we first arrived to keep a list of each nurse and doctor that cared for Lindsey, there were so many that I finally gave up. . . . God bless each and every one of you for the many kindnesses we were shown.”

— Glenn, Barbie & Lindsey Greenwell

Comfort, Hope & Healing in the New UAMS NICU

“The 5 weeks Marley was here were the most stressful time in our lives, but please be reassured it was not because of UAMS or its staff. The love and kindness everyone here showed us helped keep my wife and me assured we were in the right place. Thanks to the new hospital, I am absolutely positive that new parents to come will be more comfortable and feel more love than any other place they could have been. So thank you to everyone for taking care of our family.”

— Mark, Maggie and Marley McClanahan

Caring and Kind UAMS Staff Members

Parents of an ICU patient from Texarkana wrote the following:

“. . . In a rush to get to Patient Transport on time, I forgot to eat breakfast. I had already taken my diabetic medicine at home so I was in pretty serious trouble! I asked the receptionist at the Patient Transport desk for a vending machine. She promptly volunteered to go for me and then sweetly gave me a snack from her own lunch, relieving my anxiety and saving me from becoming very ill. She truly was caring, and I am very thankful.”

UAMS Doctor Changes a Patient’s Life

“It’s been five weeks since my surgery, and I wanted to take another opportunity to thank you for diagnosing my illness. Today I was able to sit with several of my lady friends at work and eat a fish dinner that had been prepared for us by our employer. While I was eating, I looked up and noticed all the ladies had stopped eating, were staring at me, and smiling. When I asked what was going on, they told me it had been over a year since they had seen me eat, and were so proud for me that I was finally recovering. As always I gave and give you the credit. Of course by now, they all know your name. I’ve gained some weight, and people are telling me that I am looking healthy again.”

“Thank you so much for making it possible. Also, I can’t say enough for the way you go above and beyond with your patients. The phone calls after each procedure to check on me or give me a test result made me feel early on in my UAMS visits that I was finally on the right road in finding out what was wrong with me. Words cannot express my gratitude over my excitement in finally being able to do something as simple as share a lunch with co-workers or dinner with my children.”

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