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We AR Here For a Better State of Health

At UAMS, we are dedicated to your health. As the only academic health sciences center in the state of Arkansas, our doctors are committed to providing personalized medicine.

With clinics covering nearly every medical specialty, our research and educational programs inspire new knowledge that results in better diagnosis and more advanced patient care.

Find a doctor at UAMS.

We are grateful for our patients who put their trust in us, and their stories are the stories of UAMS. Watch these videos to learn more.

Kathy’s Story – Orthopedics

When Kathy accidentally dropped a firearm that went off, her elbow was shattered. A team of UAMS orthopedic experts worked together to rebuild the bone and graft a nerve to restore movement to Kathy’s arm.

Macee’s Story – NICU

Leilani is a normal, healthy child. But she was born weighing less than 2 pounds at birth. When her mom, Macee, went into premature labor, she was rushed to UAMS, where preemies have a greater chance of survival.

Five years later when Leilani’s sister was also born early, they knew Lucy would have the same experts fighting for her.

Sasha’s Story – Neurosurgery

At four months pregnant, Sasha arrived at UAMS in a coma. We gave her hope — and a baby son.

After a tangle of blood vessels ruptured in her brain, she was airlifted to UAMS, where neurosurgeons are on call 24/7. By the time she arrived she had no pulse and had to be revived twice.

The UAMS team of neurosurgeons, high-risk pregnancy specialists and other experts joined forces to save two lives.

Sean’s Story – Cancer / Myeloma

When Sean was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer, he didn’t have to travel the globe to find world-class care. He found it at UAMS.

As one of the largest centers in the world for myeloma and cancer research and care, UAMS provided the treatments needed to keep Sean in remission for years.

Sidney’s Story – Eye and Facial Reconstruction

After an accident left Sidney with severe damage to his face and eye, he was referred to the UAMS Jones Eye Institute. Only UAMS has the eye and facial reconstruction experts who collaborated to treat his complex trauma. And the technology needed to rebuild his face and restore his vision.

Just days after his surgery, Sidney was back to running his small business.