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Deep Brain Stimulation

As conditions such as Parkinson’s, Dystonia and Essential Tremor progress, they become increasingly disabling, making routine daily activities like bathing, dressing or eating without assistance difficult or impossible. With deep brain stimulation, patients are able to return to activities they were once forced to abandon.

UAMS is pleased to offer your patients who suffer from these conditions revolutionary DBS Therapy. With deep brain stimulation, signals are delivered to precisely targeted areas within each side of the brain. Continuous stimulation of these areas blocks the signals that cause the disabling motor symptoms of Parkinson’s, Dystonia and Essential Tremor. Many patients rapidly achieve greater control over their body movement. Essentially, DBS acts like a pacemaker for the brain.

Like most programs at UAMS, we use a multidisciplinary approach to patient treatment. Our fellowship-trained team includes neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuropsychologists and rehabilitation medicine and pain specialists who provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of each patient.

Not all Parkinson’s, Dystonia or Essential Tremor patients are candidates for deep brain stimulation. For an evaluation and recommendation, call Dr. Erika Petersen at 501-526-7297 or email her at

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