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If you would like to invite a physician to speak to your medical staff or to some other group, please contact Brian Mann at (501) 686-6051 or Byron Jarrett at (501) 603-1440.  In order to maintain our current level of service, the Outreach Program now requires a $100 travel/administrative fee for each speaker.

Learn On Demand
The following facilities have LOD memberships which gives their employees free access to LOD:

  • North Arkansas Regional Medical Center
  • White County Medical Center
  • Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
  • Lawrence Memorial Hospital
  • National Park Medical Center
  • White River Medical Center
  • Sparks Regional Medical Center

Any program that is Medicaid funded (ANGELS, AR SAVES, Sickle Cell, TRIUMPH) are free for anyone in Arkansas.

Otherwise, individual modules are $10-20 based on length of instruction ($10=30 minutes, $20= 1 hour).

Office of CME and Faculty Affairs

Department of Family and Preventive Medicine