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UAMS Trauma Care

When it comes to trauma, UAMS is the place you want to turn. If an emergency strikes, UAMS emergency medicine physicians and staff are committed to providing you and your family with personalized care in a caring and comforting environment. UAMS Medical Center is the first hospital in the state to be designated a Level I trauma center, and provides the highest level of trauma care with specialized surgeons on duty at all times for treating the most serious and urgent cases. UAMS provides a comprehensive Emergency Department, featuring a general X-ray room and a computed tomography (CT) scanner, eliminating the need to transport trauma patients out of the department for imaging.

A measure of how well we succeed is hearing stories like these from patients who were treated at UAMS.

  • Man Injured in Motocross Accident Thanks Doctors

    A routine motocross hurdle he safely navigated hundreds of times is at the root of the biggest hurdle Brent Adams has ever had to climb. But thanks to the teamwork of several trauma experts at UAMS, Adams is getting the chance to conquer the uphill battle.

  • Not a Second to Spare

    Ashley Machado drifted off to sleep in the back seat of her car as a friend drove it on icy Highway 70 east of North Little Rock the evening of Jan. 11, 2011. She awoke to screams, a crash – and then nothing.