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UAMS patients

When you come to UAMS to have surgery, you should know that you are in capable hands. Our surgical staff from the caring nurses to the highly trained anesthesiologists to the experienced surgeons are all dedicated to see that you receive the best care possible. A measure of how well we succeed is hearing stories like these from patients who were treated at UAMS.

We enjoy hearing stories of success like these:

  • Two Knee Replacements in Two Days

    Sam Phillips had both of his knee replacement surgeries at UAMS. He would recommend UAMS to anyone: “My knee problems kept me from water skiing for many years, but when the pain became unbearable I was sent to Dr. Richard Evans at UAMS.”

  • Man Injured in Motocross Accident Thanks Doctors who Saved Him

    A routine motocross hurdle he safely navigated hundreds of times is at the root of the biggest hurdle Brent Adams has ever had to climb. But thanks to the UAMS teamwork of several trauma experts Adams is getting the chance to conquer the uphill battle – and so far, he’s winning.

  • Road to Recovery

    If there’s one thing Jeff Snodgres can do, it’s defy the odds.
    During a routine physical exam at age 10, Jeff, a self-proclaimed “military brat,” was found to have protein in his urine. Because he lacked any other symptoms, doctors were unable to determine the exact cause. However, they suspected Alport Syndrome, a hereditary kidney disease that also can affect hearing and vision.

  • Searcy Woman a Perfect Fit for First 30-Year Knee

    Before UAMS provided her the first 30-year knee implants in Arkansas, Martha Pearson had been nearly crippled by recurring knee problems since childhood. She had nine knee surgeries from 1972 until 1990, when at age 31 there was no longer cartilage to repair.

  • Double-Knee Replacements Amaze Patient

    Sue Cromer of Fort Smith knew it was time for knee replacements when she could no longer baby-sit her two youngest grandchildren at her daughters home.

  • Research for the Best Leads Patient to UAMS

    Elizabeth Carmichael had her second hip replacement surgery at UAMS. “I had my first hip replacement about 10 years ago. It was not a great experience, so when I needed a second replacement, I researched the internet for the best and found UAMS.”

  • Hip Resurfacing Surgery Gave Patient Her Life Back

    Joannie Cayce was able to get her life back after undergoing hip resurfacing surgery. She recommends UAMS to anyone else needing hip surgery: “When the pain in my hip became unbearable, I went to the experts at UAMS.”

  • Not a Second to Spare

    Ashley Machado drifted off to sleep in the back seat of her car as a friend drove it on icy Highway 70 east of North Little Rock the evening of Jan. 11, 2011. She awoke to screams, a crash – and then nothing.

  • Back Together and Back to Normal

    Betsy Parkinson of Little Rock had 27 fractures in her skull when she came to the UAMS Emergency Department on June 29, 2010. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men” weren’t available to put her back together, but, thankfully, the staff at UAMS was.

  • UAMS Specialists Save Arm, Put Biker Back on the Road

    Ed and Margo Jevicky say a series of miracles saved their 18-year-old son, Michael, and his right arm when his motorcycle slammed into a Jeep. One of them was landing in the hands of two well-regarded, highly specialized UAMS surgeons.

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