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We are Keeping You Young

Jennifer Allison of Conway, a UAMS Orthopedic patientJennifer Allison of Conway has a 2-year-old grandson and a grand dog who have a lot of energy. She loves to take care of them both, but doing so requires her to be on the go, on the ground, and in the middle of the action. As she says, “I have to be able to move. And move fast!” A bad hip kept her on the sidelines until it was fixed by Dr. Lowry Barnes, an orthopedic surgeon at UAMS.

Now that her hip is pain-free, she can enjoy being active at home and while traveling. She and her husband love to travel where the sand is white, the water is clear and there is plenty of lobster.

“My entire hip replacement experience was great. From check-in to discharge, everything was extremely efficient, and I liked knowing I was helping educate the next generation as Dr. Barnes toured with his interns.”
– Jennifer Allison, Conway