///Two Knee Replacements In Two Days
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Two Knee Replacements In Two Days

Knee replacements at UAMS

At UAMS our goal is to provide the best care for every patient every day. Our patients say it best, and their stories are really the story of UAMS. All the formal awards and accolades just can’t tell the UAMS story better than the words of our patients.

Sam Phillips had both of his knee replacement surgeries at UAMS. He would recommend UAMS to anyone: “My knee problems kept me from water skiing for many years, but when the pain became unbearable I was sent to Dr. Richard Evans at UAMS. After considering all options, I took the plunge and had two knee replacement surgeries in two days. Now I have full range of motion and strength in both knees with only a hairline scar. I’m back on the skis.”

Hip and Knee Surgery Center Orthopaedics

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