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Organ Transplant

UAMS has the state’s only liver transplant program. Our comprehensive liver service brings all of the expertise necessary to care for your body’s largest internal organ. This service is part of our multi-organ transplant program.

Our unmatched experience in kidney transplants in Arkansas dates back to 1964 when the state’s first kidney transplant was performed at UAMS.

We like to hear stories of success. Testimonials like these illustrate the difference we make for our patients.

  • Road to Recovery

    If there’s one thing Jeff Snodgres can do, it’s defy the odds. During a routine physical exam at age 10, Jeff, a self-proclaimed “military brat,” was found to have protein in his urine. Because he lacked any other symptoms, doctors were unable to determine the exact cause. However, they suspected Alport Syndrome, a hereditary kidney disease that also can affect hearing and vision.

Liver Transplant
Kidney Transplant