Expecting the Unexpected 2018-04-30T15:37:01-05:00

Expecting the Unexpected

“My second pregnancy had no complications, and we were expecting a normal delivery of another baby girl. After six hours of labor, there was suddenly no heart beat from our baby.”

Theresa Wyrick-Glover, MD, UAMS/ACH Orthopedic Surgeon and Mother of Lilly.

“The UAMS team of doctors and nurses quickly performed an emergency C-section, and Lilly was born within 10 minutes. She was pale and unresponsive because she had lost so much blood from an abnormal ruptured blood vessel. More than half of all babies who experience this die, but the doctors and nurses at UAMS knew immediately how to care for her. They also took excellent care of me as a new mom.”

“I have no doubt we wouldn’t have a healthy baby today if we had been anywhere else.”

Women’s health services

“We are blessed we were at UAMS — where they are prepared for the unexpected.”