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At UAMS we know that for some women and their babies, pregnancy and birth can be a difficult period. Our doctors and staff at the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Center want to make sure your pregnancy and birth are a time of celebration. We have assembled a world-class team of doctors that will make sure you receive the best medical care possible. At UAMS, we have the most female doctors of any obstetrics practice in Arkansas.

We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience while at UAMS. We’re happy to hear stories like these that let us know we’re succeeding.

    • Fertility Specialist Triples Hope for Little Rock Family

      Megan and Brad Delco never imagined the family they are today when they first visited UAMS fertility specialist Dr. Gloria Richard Davis in 2015. Under the care of high-risk pregnancy specialist Dr. Paul Wendel, Megan carried their triplets for eight months.

      • Chasse Conque maternal UAMS fetal medicine
        Expert Team Provides Care

        Chasse Conque, director of athletics for the Little Rock Trojans, and his wife, Lisa, were expecting twin daughters. They were comforted to know there was a maternal fetal specialist on their team.

      • Expecting the Unexpected

        Dr. Theresa Wyrick-Glover never expected her pregnancy to be anything but normal. However, because UAMS was prepared for the unexpected, Dr. Wyrick-Glover now has a healthy baby girl.

      • UAMS-Burnett-Davis-thumb.jpgScarless Hysterectomy Gives Mom Quick Recovery

        The Conway nurse and mother of five was doing so well after a hysterectomy at UAMS that she was able to go home the same day.


      • Teen in Awe of Her Start in Neonatal Intensive Care

        The nurses took the slender hand with bright pink nail polish in theirs, rubbing the faint scar on the back where the IVs left a permanent reminder of the four and a half weeks Chloe Davis spent in intensive care.

      • Patience, Faith Defy the Odds for New Parents

        All the odds seemed to be stacked against UAMS patient Amy Johnson to have a child. She had experienced two miscarriages and was months away from 40. But, could it be true that her pregnancy test read positive?

      • Arkansas Physician Practices What She Preaches

        UAMS patient Dicelle George, a medical doctor practicing in Warren, Arkansas, recommends the UAMS high-risk pregnancy services. “I tell my patients that UAMS is the best hospital if you have a high-risk pregnancy or a baby prematurely.”

      • From Rocky Road to Baby Bump

        If you had seen Catherine Wood Burton jogging the trails of Allsopp Park in Little Rock, you would have thought she was the picture of perfect health. But Catherine’s journey from near death to new life began with an appendectomy that led to a cancer diagnosis and ended with the birth of a healthy baby girl.

      • UAMS Delivers Christmas Gift

        Michelle Stilwell and Jamey Nichols of Osceola got their Christmas wish when they took their infant daughter home just days before the holiday. Little Maggie Jane Nichols had spent 108 days in the hospital by then. Stilwell was just 23 weeks pregnant when she went into labor Sept. 24.

      • UAMS Patient Counts Her Blessings

        When Karen Howlett counts her blessings, she starts with the three most dear: her daughter, her son and her vision. She wouldn’t have any of them, she said, without UAMS.

      • Cancer Patient Up to the Challenge

        Suzanne Holland doesn’t shy away from a challenge. From riding mountain bikes to four wheelers, Holland enjoys every opportunity to test her limits. So when an ovarian cancer diagnosis sidelined her in January 2007, she was ready to face it head-on.

      • Myton Wants World to Hear Her Story of Hope

        Debra Myton has a story of hope, healing and faith that she wants to share with the world. That’s why the 40-year-old ovarian cancer survivor has decided to share her saga with readers in the form of a book, which she intends to pen sometime this year. With the help of her physician, Juan Roman, M.D., associate professor in the UAMS Division of Gynecology Oncology, the happy ending is right on track.

      • Home Visits Give New Parents ‘Peace of Mind’

        After receiving the all clear for her son, Caleb, to leave the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Heather Baker was nervous. Although she’s a registered nurse, she doesn’t work with newborns, and as a new mom she wasn’t sure about the transition to life without the 24-hour expert care and all the sophisticated monitoring devices.

      • Preemie Success Stories Displayed on UAMS ‘Wall of Hope’

        At a ceremony in the UAMS Medical Center, families with children who were treated in the UAMS NICU helped unveil a photographic display called the Wall of Hope. The Wall of Hope comprises 27 photographs featuring healthy, happy children who once were patients at the UAMS NICU.

    • UAMS Uses Little-Known Procedure to Save New Mom

      When 22-year-old Christina Gillihan left Searcy in an ambulance bound for UAMS on July 28, she and members of her family were hoping for a miracle. In the days and weeks after her daughter Kyra’s birth July 2 at a local hospital, Christina developed a blood clot in a main artery of her lung, then a massive hemorrhage in her uterus.

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