///Bright Spot in MRI Leads to Relief
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Bright Spot in MRI Leads to Relief

UAMS Neurosurgery Patient Roland PenningtonRoland Pennington went from an active life of golfing, playing softball, working out several days a week and performing with a local band to barely being able to walk because of excruciating back pain.

After a frustrating series of visits to several doctors and MRI scans that showed no disk damage, he was at the end of his rope. A visit to the UAMS emergency room and a three-day hospital stay brought only temporary relief. The cure came during a follow-up visit with Dr. J.D. Day, a UAMS neurosurgeon, who found a previously unnoticed tiny bright white spot on an MRI.

Within a week, the benign cyst was removed, and he was home – pain-free.

“Dr. Day listened to my story. His willingness to listen helped diagnose the cause of my pain. His exceptional skill and sincere concern gave me my life back.”