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The Neurosurgery Clinic at UAMS offers state-of-the-art care to people in Arkansas and from across the globe. Our team of neurosurgeons are widely known for their surgical expertise as well as the personal attention patients receive. One measure of success is hearing stories like these from patients treated at UAMS.

  • UAMS Neurosurgery Patient Sasha Belcher
    Life-Saving Neurosurgical Care

    Early in Sasha’s pregnancy, a tangle of blood vessels ruptured in her brain. She was airlifted to UAMS, where a team of neurosurgeons, high-risk pregnancy specialists, and other medical experts joined forces to save two lives.

  • UAMS Neurosurgery Patient Johnelle Hunt
    Unparalleled Care

    Johnelle Hunt slipped and fell in 2013, she fractured two vertebrae. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, and doctors there determined she needed more specialized care, care that only UAMS could provide.

  • UAMS Neurosurgery Patient Les Marlow
    Exceeding Expectations

    After routine surgery for a pinched nerve, Les Marlow’s spine developed kyphosis, and his neck started to fall forward.

  • UAMS Neurosurgery Patient Roland Pennington
    Bright Spot in MRI Leads to Relief

    After an MRI showed no disk damage, Dr. Day, chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at UAMS, was able to find the root of Roland Pennington’s back pain.

  • UAMS Neurosurgery Patient Fanny Long
    Minimally Invasive Surgery Heals Pain

    Fanny Long was referred to UAMS for treatment with a relatively new interventional radiology procedure to treat a brain aneurysm and help her live pain free.

  • Charlie DeBoard's essential tremor stopped by UAMS neurosurgeons.
    Wires Gave Him His Life Back

    Charlie DeBoard’s tremors caused him to spend less time with family and friends, until UAMS neurosurgeons ‘wired’ him with a neurostimulator.