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Eye Care Patient Stories

UAMS understands that vision can be affected by many different things, so we offer patients both general eye care and specialized treatments for specific conditions. We want people to not only see better but to live better.

We like to hear stories of success. Testimonials like these illustrate the difference we make for our patients.

  • Local Baseball Legend Receives New Sight

    Tom Butler is a legend at Junior Deputy Baseball. He came to the UAMS Eye Institute when he had trouble seeing the ball during his pitching practice.

  • Advanced Lens Gives Patients with Astigmatism New Look on Life

    Sharon Lee Kemp was afraid of things that go bump in the night, but it wasn’t for the usual reasons.

  • Eye for the Art of Living

    “E-V-O-T-Z-2,” said 14-year-old Ryan Longood, reading from an eye chart, during a post-operation check-up with John David Pemberton, D.O., an assistant professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at UAMS. Pemberton, days earlier, had shaved off bone growth that was pushing the teenager’s right eye up and out of its orbit.

  • Eye Patient Sees UAMS as Best Choice

    When he was 3 years old, Clyde Snider was shot with a BB gun and lost all vision in his right eye. Later, while still a child, he began having problems with the vision in his left eye.

  • Riding into Clear Vision

    Before treatment at the UAMS Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute, Carolyn Hopkins’ vision was so poor that she needed assistance doing ordinary tasks that most people take for granted. While she was comfortable in her home in Pine Bluff, she needed her husband’s assistance in the grocery store to find her way around the shelves of merchandise.

  • Comprehensive Eye Care Under One Roof

    When Peggy Hundley first started having eye problems in the late 1980s, she turned to the UAMS Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute.

  • Sight Changing, Life Changing

    Palmalee Byrd was the little boy that all the other children made fun of on the playground. When he went to school for the first time, he couldn’t keep up because he was unable to see to read the board.

  • The Drive to Maintain Independence

    For senior citizens, seeing clearly is critical in maintaining independence. With a need to be able to read labels and signs, perform tasks to maintain a household and see clearly to drive, eye care services are extremely important to active retirees like James W. (“Jim”) Bell.

  • When the Professor Becomes the Patient

    After knowing his grandmother lost her sight in the 1960s due to glaucoma, Richard Zraick, Ph.D., sought the best in eye care after he became an adult. And when he became a professor of speech-language pathology in the College of Health Related Professions at UAMS in 1997, Richard had no idea just how much he would need the technology and expertise of the doctors at the Jones Eye Institute.

  • Cycling to Benefit the UAMS Jones Eye Institute

    Living in the Natural State offers an abundance of beautiful scenery for an avid runner and cyclist like Emil Mackey. Since he is grateful to the doctors at the UAMS Jones Eye Institute for restoring the quality of his vision, Emil chaired the second annual Cycle for Sight endurance ride to help raise awareness and funding for eye research and outreach.

  • Restoring Sight Through Discoveries and Innovative Treatment

    Before successful treatment at UAMS, Ann Kincl was misdiagnosed by three eye doctors. Her eyelid gland malfunction caused great discomfort and pain, and she was constantly blinking.

  • Pilot Could Not Have Asked for More

    Mac Faulkner recommends the Retina Services at UAMS: “After bumping into the kitchen door jamb one day, I noticed I could not see my right hand. I immediately called the Jones Eye Institute and got an appointment the same day.

  • Ten Years of Blindness Ended

    Sue Carter was successfully treated at the UAMS Jones Eye Institute: “Because I had diabetic retinopathy and very dense cataracts, no surgeon wanted to operate on my eyes. The doctor not only performed cataract surgery, but worked with me in the low vision clinic.”

  • Mother Counts Her Blessings

    When Karen Howlett counts her blessings, she starts with the three most dear: her daughter, her son and her vision. She wouldn’t have any of them, she said, without UAMS.

  • Astigmatism Doesn’t Prevent LASIK Surgery

    Dana Carthron recommends LASIK surgery at UAMS: “I had been wearing glasses since I was 4. I could never wear contact lenses and was told my astigmatism prevented me from having LASIK surgery. Not so.”

  • Painless Procedure Treats Glaucoma

    Reza Arab used UAMS services at the Jones Eye Institute: “Several years ago I was told I might have glaucoma.” Arab was pleased with the results from the procedure.

  • LASIK Surgery Improves Eyesight and Golf Game

    David Cruseturner recommends LASIK surgery at UAMS: “I had been wearing glasses or contacts since I was 5. For years my eye doctor told me that I couldn’t have LASIK surgery. Until now.”

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