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At UAMS, we have state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide the best treatment for your dermatology issues, and we subspecialize in more than a dozen areas. Along with our comprehensive care, we work to offer compassionate care for our patients. A measure of how well we succeed is hearing stories like these from patients who were treated at UAMS.

  • Two Decade Search Ends with Answers at UAMS

    As any new mom would, Maria Borja worried when her 3-month-old son, Brian, developed chills, a rash and a high fever. She took him to a series of doctors in nearby Texarkana and Little Rock, but all were unable to determine the cause.

  • UAMS’ Cutting-Edge Skin Cancer Treatment Reverses Sun Damage

    Coleen Hyde has fond memories of idyllic days in the sun during her youth. Living in California near the coast, deep tans were in vogue, sunscreen was not widely available at the drug stores and she wasn’t aware of damage from the sun’s rays.