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Ray of Hope

When 3-year-old Asher Ray started having pain in her leg, her parents never suspected the cause would be serious … but it was. Asher had Ewing sarcoma, a cancer that forms in the bone or soft tissue. It’s a rare cancer that only about 225 children and adults in the United States are diagnosed with each year. Luckily, Asher had the support of the Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Center at the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute and Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH).

Asher Ray fights against Ewing sarcoma.

Asher Ray Continues her fight against Ewing sarcoma.

Today, Asher is still in the fight. Her case is complex, but her doctors are up for the challenge. “We have to pull together to find better treatments,” said Justin Ray, Asher’s dad. That’s why the proceeds from the UAMS Cancer Institute’s Gala for Life will benefit the center, advancing research, care — and hope — for Asher and others like her.

Asher’s parents have high hopes for her future. Her UAMS and ACH doctors wouldn’t have it any other way.