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Little Rock Information

Map of Arkansas

The name Arkansas is from the Sioux Indian (Quapaw) word “acansa” meaning “downstream place” or south wind. Little Rock is the capital city of the state of Arkansas in the United States of America and is located near the center of the state and on the south bank of the Arkansas River. Also located near the geographical center of the United States, Little Rock, as well as Arkansas, is in the center of what is commonly referred to as the Sunbelt.

The city received its name from the French explorer, Benard de LaHarpe, who in 1772 sailed up the Arkansas River and upon sighting the first rock bluff since leaving the Mississippi River, called it “La Petite Roche,” the Little Rock. The city’s namesake, “La Petite Roche,” is located at the north end of Rock Street overlooking the river and is part of the 16-acre Breckling Riverfront Park.

The current population is 187,452 in the Little Rock city limits; 850,561 in the Greater Little Rock Metropolitan area.

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