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Language Assistance

Language assistance at UAMS

The Special Services Department recognizes the crucial need for all patients and their families to be able to communicate health issues with all interacting UAMS staff and to have a complete understanding of their medical care. We also identify the need for all international patients to have cultural contacts within the Little Rock community that can understand  ways to help. Whether it is interpretation or the need for cultural direction, the Special Services Department is prepared to address situations that language and cultural barriers can present to all arriving international families.

  • Translation services – Special services is pleased to provide a list of private translation services  for hire if you should need documents translated before you arrive or while you are residing in Little Rock.
  • Medical interpreters – Upon advance request, our department can arrange skilled interpreters to be available to assist you during medical consultations and services at UAMS hospital. There is no charge for interpreters used for qualifying medical appointments.
  • Personal interpreters – UAMS strongly encourages patients to bring an English speaking friend or family member with you to help you navigate while in Little Rock. Special Services can arrange for a personal interpreter to guide and assist you for non-medical encounters throughout your stay in our city. Please contact the Department of Special Services to discuss your specific interpreting needs and the expected cost associated with this service.

If you do not speak English and wish to contact us by phone, please e-mail us at to notify us in advance and we will arrange for you to speak with a UAMS representative in your language.

Patients are financially responsible for the cost associated with the private translation and interpreting services.