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Financial Information

Financial information

It is very difficult to think about financial matters when you have been diagnosed with a serious illness and are deciding how to proceed with medical treatment and care. We believe that it is to your benefit to know what to expect at the beginning, so you and your family can financially prepare in advance. Our International Financial Manager can explain the payment and billing process and provide you with an estimate of the expected charges for your specific medical plan.

All financial arrangements must be approved and secured with the International Patient Services Department.  All requested patient information must also be received prior to the new patient appointment confirmation. Please do not make travel plans until our office has notified you that your deposit has been received and that an appointment has been scheduled.

UAMS requires payment in full, in advance, prior to seeing a doctor, having a diagnostic test, or obtaining treatment. Please notify our office of your preferred method of payment.

UAMS does not accept international insurance and will not bill insurance companies or third-party administrators on behalf of international patients. The patient is responsible for all costs related to their care and treatment.

  • UAMS does accept payment for evaluation and treatment from your government. Before an appointment is confirmed, we require a guarantee of payment letter from your government stating the specific financial responsibility and contact information for your country’s embassy/consulate in the United States.
  • UAMS accepts the following methods of payment from patients
    • Wire transfer
    • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover)
    • Traveler’s Check
    • Cashier’s Check

Healthcare Cost Estimates

Before you arrive at UAMS, you can request an estimate of the costs for your anticipated evaluation, treatment and/or surgery. These amounts are estimates and may or may not be sufficient, depending on the specific medical treatment. If hospitalization is necessary, UAMS will require an additional deposit. Please note that patients are charged only for the services and medical care they receive. If the actual charges are below the amount you paid in advance, you will receive a refund. On occasion, International Patient Services may need to inform you during your treatment that an additional deposit is required. This occurs when the treatment costs exceed the initial deposit. Please maintain regular contact with our department to verify your account balance.

Please contact our department for a financial estimate that is customized to your specific medical plan.

Christina M. Adams
International Financial Manager
International Patient Services
Phone: 501-526-6229