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Department of International Patient Services

If you live outside the United States, the Department of International Patient Services works closely with all international patients who travel to UAMS seeking medical care to ensure that they receive the best treatment while they are here.

As your first contact, we assist you with the following:

  • Connecting you with the appropriate clinic and health care representative to investigate your options or schedule an appointment.
  • Providing assistance for all the unique needs international patients incur while traveling to and residing in our city. See How We Can Help for a full list of all our services.
  • Furnishing you with the estimated medical costs and also establishing all financial arrangements between you and UAMS regarding your initial evaluation and subsequent surgery and/or treatment. Our financial manager will supervise your account and maintain communication with you on a regular basis.

Our mission as the Department of International Patient Services is to facilitate a prompt and seamless appointment process without delays. From the moment you contact us with your health care needs, we will act as your liaison connecting you to the appropriate clinic and doctor. We will be your personal information resource throughout your UAMS visit.

It is our intent to support you in every step of the decision making process. We want to provide contact and financial information to you and your family whether you want to schedule an appointment or investigate your options.

Contact us for more information on the services we provide for international patients.

Elizabeth Jane Corley
Manager of International Patient Services
Phone: 501-686-7133
E-mail: corleyelizabethj@uams.edu