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Your Room

Hallway at UAMS

Your room has been carefully designed for both you and your family. Your bed adjusts for your care and comfort. If you need help working the control buttons, just ask your nurse. This bed is higher than your bed at home, so please take extra care when getting in and out of bed.

Most of our rooms have a sofa along the window that provides a sleeping couch and storage drawers for a family member who may stay with you. Pillows, sheets and blankets for the sleeper sofa are available from your patient care technician or nurse.

All our rooms have large windows to provide plenty of natural lighting. In many rooms you will find two sets of shades – one that provides a screen to dim outside light and a second black-out shade if you prefer a darker room and complete privacy.

UAMS is committed to reduce, reuse and recycle to help preserve our environment. Part of this commitment is reducing the number of sheets and towels we wash. We will gladly change your sheets when they are dirty or if you ask for new sheets or pillowcases for your patient bed. Sheets are also available for the guest couch. We ask that you keep the same set of guest sheets and pillow cases for your entire stay. Thank you for your support.

Learn more about having overnight guests.

Mail Delivery

Mail is delivered to patient rooms once a day. Please be sure your friends and family use your full name and your complete room number with wing (such as Room H817 or E402). Mail should be addressed to:

UAMS Medical Center
(your name), (your wing and room number)
4301 W. Markham St
Little Rock, AR 72205.

You many drop off any stamped outgoing mail at your nursing station. A mail room with stamps available for purchase is located on the ground floor of the Central Building near the cafeteria. Greeting cards may be purchased in the gift shop.


Each patient room has a phone. You may place free local calls by simply dialing the number. Long distance calls must be charged on your telephone credit card or placed “collect” by dialing “8” + “0” for an outside operator.

Visitors may use the pay phones located near the lobby or near the elevators on each floor.

To call another room in the hospital, dial 526 + Wing code + Room number.

Wing codes are:

  • 0 for E Wing
  • 1 for F Wing
  • 3 for H Wing

For example, to call room E701, dial 526-0701. To call room H824, dial 526-3824.

To call the nursing station, dial 526 + Wing Code + Floor + 00. For example, the nursing station on F8 is 526-1800.

The area code in Little Rock is 501. Cellular telephones may be used throughout the hospital unless specifically noted.

Television Services

Each room in the hospital is equipped with a remote-controlled television set. Cable service with dozens of commercial programming channels is provided free of charge. Channels 80 to 99 provide patient education programming. The CARE channel on Channel 88 offers relaxing images and music that can help you manage stress, relieve discomfort or address pain. Check with your nursing station if you need a television guide with a comprehensive listing of broadcast station programming. If your television is not operating correctly or you need help operating the television or the remote, please ask your nurse for help.

TIGR On-Demand Patient Education Videos


If you have comments about the housekeeping or linen service in your room, please contact your nurse.


Your meals have been carefully planned according to your prescribed nutritional needs. Many patients are allowed to choose their food from our select menu. A menu is sent each morning on your breakfast tray. Please take time to circle the food choices you would like to have served on the following day. Your selections will be picked up be a Nutrition and Food Services representative. If you do not receive a menu, you may contact us at 686-6154.

Please contact us to learn more about your room at UAMS.