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Spending a lot of time in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar place can make you unsteady on your feet when you try to stand. There are several steps you can take to help prevent falls.

If you are asked to get up only with help from a staff member, please wait for someone to come and help you.

Make sure your call light, telephone, eye glasses and other personal items are within reach so you don’t have to get up or stretch to reach them.

Ask your nurse to change the height of your bed so it’s easier for you to get in and out of bed.

You may feel dizzy or light-headed when you stand up quickly. This happens when there is a sudden change in your blood pressure or pulse. This can also happen because of certain medications or if you are dehydrated.

To help prevent falls, sit at the edge of your bed for a few minutes and then stand up slowly. If you do feel lightheaded or dizzy, tell your doctor or nurse and ask for help when you get up.

Patients who need close monitoring to prevent falls will wear a yellow “alert” wristband during their stay at UAMS. Wristbands from other facilities will be removed when you are admitted to UAMS.