Discharge Planning Check List 2017-01-28T09:38:09-06:00

 Patient discharge at UAMS

Your care at home after you leave the hospital is just as important as the care you get while you’re here. Before you leave the hospital, make sure you understand all the instructions for your follow-up care. Make sure you have all your medications and appointments for follow-up visits.

Check list

  • I understand what day I will be ready to go home.
  • My questions have been answered about any special diet after I leave.
  • My questions have been answered about limiting activities after I leave.
  • My questions have been answered about medications after I leave.
  • I have prescriptions for any new medications my doctor wants me to take. 
  • I’ve talked with my doctor about my home medications and what I should continue to take. 
  • My questions have been answered about any follow-up appointments. 
  • I understand how to manage my condition once I leave. 
  • I have friends or family who can help me at home if I need help. 
  • I have all the supplies and equipment I need at home. 
  • I know about the noon discharge time. 
  • I have made arrangements for someone to pick me up when I am discharged from the hospital. 
  • My family/friends know to pick me up near the entrance to Parking 1 in front of the hospital. 
  • I will have clothing and shoes to wear when I am discharged. (If you need these items, please ask your nurse.) 
  • I have gathered all the belongings I brought with me to the hospital. 
  • I have gotten any items I stored in the hospital safe. 
  • I have told hospital staff about any areas of concern regarding my treatment, safety or comfort while at UAMS.

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