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Leaving the Hospital

Patient Discharge Area

It is important to plan ahead for medical care that you may require after your discharge from UAMS Medical Center. Your doctor, nurses, and other health-care staff will help you to assess your need for continued care and our discharge planning staff will assist you in making the necessary arrangements. Your doctor can answer questions about how long you will be in the hospital and if you may need continued medical care after discharge. Let your physician know about any special circumstances that may affect your discharge plans. We want to help you and your family plan the best way to meet your ongoing health care needs.

Once your ongoing health care needs have been assessed, a discharge planner will assist you in making all of the necessary arrangements with the provider of your choice. You may contact a discharge planner through your nurse, physician or by directly calling extension 501-686-5870.

Social Workers

For patients and/or families faced with personal and environmental problems brought about by illness, trained social workers at UAMS can help. The social worker, along with you and your health care team, can assist in planning for your discharge and arranging for the most appropriate care needed after discharge (home health, home infusion, medical equipment, rehabilitation, transfer to another health care facility, community referrals, etc.). You may contact a clinical social worker through your nurse, physician or by directly calling 501-686-5870.

Patient Education

Patient Education services are available to you and your family to help you understand information that you will receive about your illness and to help you manage your care at home. Educational classes are available Monday through Friday. The Patient Education Department also provides bedside instruction and can help to locate additional resources for learning.

You may contact Patient Education by calling 501-296-1237 or by asking your doctor or nurse for a schedule of activities.

On the Day of Discharge

When your physician determines that you are ready for discharge, the physician will notify you and the nursing staff of your discharge. Once your doctor has told you that you may be discharged, check with your nurse for assistance. You will receive information on when and how follow-up care should be scheduled. If any aftercare services/agencies are involved in your care, you will be given the name of the service or agency and given a contact number.

For your safety, we will take you to the discharge desk in a wheelchair. Family members are welcome to take your personal belongings and meet you there. Also for your safety, you cannot drive yourself home from the hospital. Please make arrangements for someone to help you get ready to go home. If you need help making arrangements for someone to pick you up, please let us know before your scheduled discharge date.

When you are discharged, your UAMS doctor will send a summary of your care and your medications to your regular doctor. Check out our discharge planning check list.

To help make your return home as comfortable as possible, we offer the following suggestions and information:

  • Try to make definite plans for your transportation home.
  • Discharge time is between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. If you will not be able to leave during these hours, please notify your nurse as soon as possible.
  • Plan to send some of your belongings home in advance.
  • If you have secured valuables in the storage safe, please notify your nurse so you may obtain them up on discharge.
  • Prescriptions are not covered as a part of inpatient Medicare or by many insurance companies. Medicaid covers some prescriptions. Please inform the nursing staff of which pharmacy you want to have fill any prescriptions the doctor has directed you to take after discharge.
  • The UAMS Outpatient Pharmacy is available to fill your prescriptions. You also have the option of filling your prescription at your local pharmacy. Preparing patients to go home from the hospital can be a hectic time, so our pharmacy services are convenient for you and your family. If needed, any refills for your prescription can be transferred to your local pharmacist. UAMS also offers online prescription refills.

After You Go Home

Should you have any questions after leaving the hospital, please call the UAMS Appointments Center at 501-686-8000. This office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and can assist you with follow-up appointments and questions for your doctor.

Outpatient Physical Therapy Continuity of the special care you received in Physical Therapy is also available in our Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinics located in the UAMS Outpatient Center, the Reynolds Institute on Aging and the Stephens Spine & Neurosciences Institute. Continue your world-class care by calling 501-661-7955.