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Electronic Health Records

UAMS has an electronic health record computer system. At your next visit, you may be asked to review and update your medical record. This includes medications, allergies and family history. Please be prepared to spend a little extra time at this visit as we talk with you to make sure your personal records are complete.

This computer system lets UAMS health care providers directly involved in your care quickly find, review and update your record in all the clinics and in the hospital. Your health care team can see your medical history, lab and test results and medications, no matter where your care is delivered at UAMS.

About MyChart

One of the many benefits of the computer system is UAMS MyChart, a patient portal that gives you free, secure 24-hour online access to your health information. You can see your lab and test results, send messages to your doctor, make appointments, refill prescriptions and pay your bills. Ask your clinic staff or hospital nurse how to sign up for UAMS MyChart. UAMS MyChart now offers even more services and convenience! With our latest upgrades, all the features you already enjoy are still available along with these new ones:

  • If you have a MyChart account with another hospital, you can now see those records through your UAMS account. Appointments, test results and other information from your UAMS account appears along with information from your account from Baptist Health, Arkansas Children’s Hospital or any other facility where you have a MyChart account.
  • You can connect your MyChart to your Apple Health app so all your health information is in one spot.
  • You can check in for your appointments using MyChart.
  • For many clinics, you can ask to be put on the waiting list and be notified if an earlier appointment with your doctor becomes available. You can decide whether to take this appointment or keep the current one.
  • Instant activation makes it easier than ever to sign up for MyChart. Tell friends and family members who do not have an account to ask about MyChart at their next appointment.
  • You can request prescription refills from the UAMS Pharmacy using the MyChart app on your smartphone.
  • To download the MyChart app, search for MyChart in the app store, then look for UAMS in the participating health care organizations.

Look at the “What’s New in MyChart” section of your MyChart welcome page for even more new features coming soon.