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Electronic Health Record

UAMS has a new electronic health record computer system. At your next visit, you may be asked to review and update your medical record. This includes medications, allergies and family history. Please be prepared to spend a little extra time at this visit as we talk with you to make sure your personal records are complete.

This new computer system lets UAMS health care providers directly involved in your care quickly find, review and update your record in all the clinics and in the hospital. Your health care team can see your medical history, lab and test results and medications, no matter where your care is delivered at UAMS.

UAMS MyChart

One of the many benefits of the new computer system is UAMS MyChart, a new patient portal that gives you free, secure 24-hour online access to your health information. You can see your lab and test results, send messages to your doctor, make appointments, refill prescriptions and pay your bills. Ask your clinic staff or hospital nurse how to sign up for UAMS MyChart.

Frequently Asked Questions About UAMS MyChart

What is UAMS MyChart and why should I use it?

UAMS MyChart provides online access to portions of your UAMS medical record using a personal computer, tablet or smart phone. You can use MyChart to review test results and access information about your hospital outpatient appointments and admissions.

Is there a fee?

UAMS MyChart is a convenient and free online service available 24 hours a day.

How do I get started?

You can sign up for UAMS MyChart while you are at UAMS Medical Center for an outpatient appointment or inpatient hospital stay.

  • For inpatients, an activation code will be offered to you at registration and will also be printed on your discharge paperwork.
  • For outpatients, an activation code is printed on your after visit summary.  You may also be able to sign up in the exam room in some clinics.

Who can have a MyChart account?

All UAMS patients age 16 and over are able to sign up for a UAMS MyChart account.

Who do I contact if I have further questions about signing up for UAMS MyChart?

Please call (501) 686-8555, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. central time for questions about signing up for UAMS MyChart. A service representative will take down your contact information, and a UAMS MyChart representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I view my lab results online, even if I just came in for outpatient lab work and was not admitted to the hospital?

Yes, if you came to UAMS for lab work as an outpatient, your lab results will be available in UAMS MyChart.

Can I view my image test results online (i.e. mammogram results, CT, MRI, etc.)?

Yes, if you came to UAMS for image tests as an outpatient, your test results will be available in UAMS MyChart. Please contact your doctor for consultation and interpretation of your actual test images.

Can I view information about my Emergency Room and/or Urgent Care visit?

Yes, if you came to UAMS’ Emergency Department that information is available in UAMS MyChart.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my test results or clinical information viewable in MyChart?

If you have questions about your MyChart clinical information, you should contact your physician directly for more information.

When I was discharged from UAMS’ hospital, I was given some instructions about my care but now I can’t find them. Is that information available in UAMS MyChart?

Yes, your After Visit Summary is available in UAMS MyChart, which contains your post visit instructions.

Can I view and pay my bill in UAMS MyChart?

Yes, you may view and pay bills for outpatient visits that occurred after 8/1/2013 and inpatient accounts after 5/3/2014. If you have an outpatient balance before August 1, 2013, or a hospital balance before May 3, 2014, UAMS MyChart provides a link to our old bill pay website, where those balances can still be paid online.

I already have a Pay Bill Online account with UAMS. Should I continue to use this separately from UAMS MyChart? Will my username and password be the same?

Please continue to make payments through your Pay Bill Online account for outpatient balances before August 1, 2013, or a hospital balance before May 3, 2014. Your Pay Bill Online and UAMS MyChart account usernames and passwords are not linked and may be different.

Can I use UAMS MyChart from a mobile device, like a smart phone?

MyChart Mobile is a free application for Android™ and Apple® devices. You must first have a UAMS MyChart account. If you do not already have a MyChart account, please contact 501-686-8555 for assistance.

To get the app, you will need an Android™ phone and/or tablet, iPhone®, iPad ™ or iPod touch®. From one of these devices, go to the App Store or Market and download MyChart Mobile.

  • For iPhone®, iPad ™, and iPod touch®
    Visit the iTunes App Store to download the MyChart app. Select UAMS as your provider.
  • For Android™ devices
    Visit the Google Play store to download the MyChart app. Select UAMS as your provider.

For more UAMS MyChart Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the FAQ section on UAMS MyChart.