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Contact a Patient

By Phone

Contact a Patient

To call a patient room, you need to know the patient’s wing and room number. The codes are listed below.

Wing Codes

  • E = 0
  • F = 1
  • H = 3

To call a room, please dial 526 + Wing Code (0, 1 or 3) + Room Number.

For example, to contact a patient in room 701 on the E wing, simply dial 526-0701. If you are outside of the Little Rock area, you will need to dial our 501 area code before the number.

If you need assistance, please contact our operator at 501-686-7000.

If placing a long-distance call from a patient phone, you will need to use a calling card or call collect.

E-mailing a Patient

We are pleased to offer this service to help you stay in touch with patients in our hospital.

Sending Mail to a Patient

Mail is delivered to patient rooms once a day. Mail should be addressed to:

UAMS Medical Center
(patient name)
(patient room number)
4301 W. Markham St
Little Rock, AR 72205

Any outgoing stamped mail can be dropped off at the nursing station.

Get-well cards and notes to patients may be presented to staff at the Information Desk of the hospital (near the central elevators) for free in-hospital delivery. On weekdays, next day delivery is the norm.

The UAMS Mail Room is located on the ground floor of the hospital near the cafeteria. Please ask any UAMS employee to direct you to the mail room. Postage can purchased for outgoing letters and packages.