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Neuro-Oncology Clinic

Neuro-Oncology The UAMS Neuro-oncology Clinic provides you the most advanced treatment options for malignant and benign brain tumors. Our team at the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute includes neurosurgeons and a neurologist, so you will receive the personalized care that your specific condition requires. UAMS neurosurgeons treat complex brain tumors (malignant and benign), aneurysms and [...]

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Benign Brain Tumors

Benign Brain Tumors A benign brain tumor is a group of very slow growing, abnormal brain tissue cells. Benign brain tumors usually have a distinct tumor border, and rarely spread or invade surrounding brain tissue. Though the word ‘benign’ may sound harmless, a benign tumor located in a vital area of the brain can be [...]

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Gamma Knife Perfexion

Gamma Knife Perfexion Brain Surgery Without Incision For more information or questions about Gamma Knife at UAMS contact - Lindsey G. Holiman, J.D., B.S.N., R.N.- B.C. UAMS Gamma Knife Coordinator EMAIL: lholiman@uams.edu PH: (501) 603-1800 FAX: (501) 603-1804 At UAMS, we are constantly working to stay at the forefront of medical technology. In our efforts [...]

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Gamma Knife for Referring Physicians

For Referring Physicians Gamma Knife technology has become a vital treatment option we offer at UAMS for select patients diagnosed with a variety of brain diseases, including: Benign and malignant brain tumors Metastatic brain tumors Vascular malformations in the brain Functional disorders of the brain such as trigeminal neuralgia Gamma Knife treatment provides a variety [...]

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