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Faith in Cancer Care Team Keeps New Mexico Woman at UAMS

Dec. 1, 2017 | Tina Farber arrived in Arkansas with one thing on her mind — meeting her two new grandbabies. Her son’s third child had arrived in April, and her daughter was expecting her third about one month later. “I was planning to stay about two months,” said Farber, a native Arkansan who now [...]

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First Time in US: Patient Treated in Trial Using Virus on Brain Tumor

Nov. 15, 2016 | Beth Rogers might have been the first person in the United States to be treated as part of a clinical trial that included the injection of a virus into her brain tumor in combination with immunotherapy treatments – but the Hazen resident said she had no fear. “I’ve got so much [...]

Brain Metastases

Brain Metastases For more information or questions about Gamma Knife at UAMS please email the UAMS Gamma Knife Coordinator Karen Baxter-Rhodes, RN at BaxterrhoadesKarenL@uams.edu. Gamma Knife treatment targeted only the tumor, sparing surrounding brain. The image below is a 4 month post-treatment scan. The tumor is much smaller and the swelling around the tumor has [...]

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Brain Tumor Treatment Options

Brain Tumor Treatment Options At UAMS, our neurosurgery experts treat benign and malignant brain tumors in a number of different ways. The type of treatment for a brain tumor often depends on a variety of items including where the tumor is located, tumor type and growth rate. Some brain tumors are often treated by a [...]

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