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May 14, 2008 | More and more UAMS employees are finding out how they can create comfort, hope and healing for our patients and families no matter where they work on campus.


Sessions hosted by UAMS and the world renowned customer service experts at the Disney Institute are being held May 12-21 to introduce employees to a new focus on the values and beliefs that drive UAMS. Welcomed by Mickey Mouse wearing a white lab coat, employees attending the sessions spend some time with Chris Caracci of the Disney Institute, who explains what entertainment giant Disney and Arkansas’ only academic health center have in common.


Both are service-oriented organizations that focus on its guests/patients and families, he said. Both organizations also have competitors and must work to exceed guest/patient and cast member/employee expectations or they will choose to go somewhere else.


Disney strives to succeed at its theme parks and resorts by having its employees, who are called cast members in Disney lingo, focus on delivering an experience that connects to visitors on an emotional level and continually looks for ways to create an exceptional experience.


“Customers can’t always comprehend the quality of the product or procedure, but they do readily perceive the quality of the ‘experience’ around the product or procedure,” Caracci said, again connecting what Disney does with what UAMS does.


UAMS established the Circle of Excellence as a vehicle for getting employees to think about how they serve their patients. The Circle of Excellence introduces a new theme that defines the organization’s purpose, in the case of UAMS it is: “We create comfort, hope and healing for our patients and families.”


Through a series of videos featuring UAMS employees and patient, skits and a game show, employees will learn a new way of looking, acting and behaving that will embody the new Service Theme. Employees will even learn how to react when something goes wrong.


Plus, they will meet Reddie, a costumed representation of the “dot” in the UAMS logo.


“Can you tell this isn’t your typical meeting at UAMS?,” said session host Marielle Paladino, director of the Thomas-Lyon Longevity Clinic in the UAMS Reynolds Institute on Aging, who was a member of a UAMS task force that created the program. “I am really excited about this effort and what it means for UAMS.”


The initial round of employee sessions is for 5,500 UAMS Medical Center and College of Medicine employees. The “Pathways to Excellence” will be extended to all UAMS employees in the coming months.


“You are the key,” said Melissa Fontaine, chief operating officer of UAMS Medical Center. “You can make a difference going forward in making sure our patients are receiving comfort, hope and healing and that you feel pride in the work you are doing.”


UAMS employees can find out more at the Circle of Excellence site on the UAMS intranet.

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