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JAN. 4, 2007 | Katherine Kurz had that tired-but-happy look of a new mother when she visited the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). The source of her exhaustion lay quietly in three warmers – triplets who were the first babies to be born at UAMS in the new year.


Four-pound Dante Young was born at 11:34 p.m. on Jan. 1, followed at 11:36 p.m. by his five-pound brother Tres and then at 11:39 p.m. by sister Cheryl, who weighed in at 4.12 pounds. Kurz, of Pine Bluff, was recovering from the C-section delivery the next day and hadn’t had a chance to hold her newborns yet as they were being monitored in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after being born a couple weeks early.


“They’re doing fine,” Kurz said as the babies’ father, Nolan Young, of Little Rock, wheeled her into the ICU in a wheelchair. “They look great.”


All three were asleep as the parents posed for photos with each sleeping infant, reaching down and stroking each in turn. Tres stirred slightly. Dad Nolan adjusted Dante’s little white cap so it wasn’t in his eyes, which brought a little more movement but all three seemed content.


“It’s the paparazzi,” Nolan joked to his new daughter as the cameras flashed.


Katherine said she was surprised to find out hers were the first babies born at UAMS in 2007. She said they were driving home on Monday when she started feeling some discomfort and was brought to the hospital. Doctors then decided to deliver the babies.


She was 34 weeks into her pregnancy. The couple found out in September that it would be triplets.

“First it was one. Then they said it would be two. Then it was three,” said Nolan.


“And it was all natural,” Katherine said, adding she was not on any fertility medication, which can sometimes lead to multiples. But she and Nolan both have close relatives who gave birth to twins.


Both parents already have children. Katherine said her four-year-old son was excited about his new siblings.


“He’s coming up here tomorrow and will get to go in and see them,” she said.