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Hochberg Shares Breast Reconstruction Skills with Munich Surgeons 2018-01-05T09:16:53+00:00

NOV. 3, 2006 | Plastic surgeon Julio Hochberg, M.D., took his breast reconstruction skills recently to Munich to share with physicians at Bogenhausen Hospital at the Technical University there.


Hochberg, a professor of plastic surgery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), was invited by Dr. Milomir Ninkovic, head of the Munich Hospital’s Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Burn Surgery, and Dr. Gustavo Sturtz, attending surgeon.


In the Sept. 25 lecture to more than a dozen attending physicians and medical residents, Hochberg discussed his use of Alloderm, a substance made of donated human skin tissue, in breast reconstruction to replace tissue lost in a mastectomy and to provide additional support for the remaining muscle.


“I shared with my Munich colleagues how our patients have been very satisfied with the Alloderm procedure and the outcome,” Hochberg said. “The cosmetic results are excellent, there are fewer complications and the recovery time is shorter.”


Hochberg presented on this topic at the 2005 American Society for Plastic Surgery conference. At this year’s conference in San Francisco in October, he presented on total skin-sparing mastectomy and had an abstract published in society’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal.


UAMS is one of the first facilities to use Alloderm in breast reconstruction procedures. The substance has been widely used for hernias, cosmetic procedures and other reconstructions.