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JUNE 14, 2006 | The idea began quite simply: many patients receiving chemotherapy treatment say they get cold easily.


Some yarn had been donated to the Arkansas Cancer Research Center (ACRC) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). Paige Puckett and Porter Puckett, two ACRC employees (though not related), thought the yarn could be used to knit scarves and shawls to help those chemo patients stay warm.


The two started a knitting group in February 2005 with patients, family members and caregivers getting together.


“We meet every week at the UAMS Family Home to teach knitting to beginners, visit, laugh, tell stories and offer support,” Porter Puckett said. “We wanted to do something constructive with our knitting, and we had the yarn, so we began knitting the prayer shawls.”


Twenty-five prayer shawls the group knitted were blessed June 5 by new UAMS Chaplain George Hankins-Hull. The shawls were being distributed to patients in the chemotherapy treatment area at the ACRC starting June 6.


“We believe that knitting offers a form of relaxation, a sense of accomplishment in knitting a garment and most importantly, a warm place in the heart because you have done a good thing for fellow patients,” said Paige Puckett. “The shawl will offer warmth and love to our patients because they are often quite cold due to their treatments.”


Porter Puckett said the group hopes to keep making the shawls as an ongoing project. “We have a lot more yarn,” she said.


The “Knit and Chat” group meets each week from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the UAMS Family Home. Patients, family members and caregivers are invited to participate, Porter Puckett said.


Donations of yarn or shawls also are appreciated. For more information, visit Porter Puckett at the information desk on the first floor of the ACRC or call her at 296-1502, ext. 1362.

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