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Controlled Demolition Inc., the lead contractor for the implosion of the UAMS student dormitory, is internationally known for its work, having brought down high-profile structures such as the Seattle Kingdome and several Las Vegas casinos in its more than 50 years.

The Baltimore-based company was started by the late Jack Loizeaux in 1960 and led by members of his family. Doug Loizeaux, CDI vice president, has been overseeing the dorm implosion.

Says the CDI Web site, “A two thousand ton skyscraper collapses like a house of cards, crumbling in on itself – a waterfall of well-fractured steel and concrete debris. It lasts only seconds, and buildings within a few meters stand untouched. The very essence of Controlled Demolition, Inc. is in our name: CONTROL.”

The company holds several world records for their work, including the Kingdome, the world’s largest structure demolished by explosives; and the 2.2 million-square foot J.L. Hudson Department Store in Detroit, which was the largest single building ever imploded. The company’s work also has been visible in several movies, including Enemy of the State and Lethal Weapon 3.

The 115,982-square foot UAMS dorm is much smaller than the department store. It will only take an estimated 50 pounds of explosive charges to implode the building, which will come down in 10 to 15 seconds.

To read more about CDI or view videos of the companies work, visit www.controlled-demolition.com.