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September 2001

UAMS Department Acquires New Name, ‘Face’

The Department of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Therapy and Communication Services now has a new trade name, “University Rehab.” Still a comprehensive program, the department will continue to include programs and services from Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology at locations both on and off campus.

Glenn Ballard, director of University Rehab, said the new name reflects the department’s growth. He stated, “We needed to develop a name that people would easily recognize. We can use this name to market both our inpatient and outpatient services.”

Tim Irby, marketing director for University Hospital, had a new logo designed to include the name. “In an effort to keep continuity with all clinical programs we used the UAMS Medical Center logo with the name ‘University Rehab.’ While this gives University Rehab its own identity, the overall design clearly communicates that it is a UAMS Medical Center program,” said Irby.

“We wanted ‘University Hospital’ to be the key element of the name, so that both health-care providers and patients will identify rehabilitation services with University Hospital,” said Ballard, who worked with Richard A. Pierson, vice chancellor for clinical programs, to develop the name.

University Rehab became the “Department of Rehabilitation Therapy and Communication Services,” in 1996, and since then has grown. The department has a Therapy and Fitness Center Low Vision Program in the Donald W. Reynolds Center on Aging that is the only one of its kind in Arkansas. The Audiology Clinic in the Outpatient Center was recently redesigned in collaboration with the Department of ENT, creating a Hearing and Balance Center. This center houses the only rotary chair in the state for treating balance problems of the inner ear. Other construction and remodeling projects are underway for the Hand Therapy Clinic and the Spine Rehab Clinic.

To market its new name, the department has created flyers and posters, distributed T-shirts, and now looks forward to the development of Web site information being available to customers and medical staff. For more information on the department or available services, call (501) 296-1077.