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SEPT. 6, 2001 | A recent award of $440,000 from the Winthrop Rockefeller Charitable Trust (WRCT) will assist the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement (ACHI) in improving the health of Arkansans.

ACHI is an independent, nonpartisan organization established in 1998 by University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the Arkansas Department of Health. The center focuses on policy research, professional education, program development, and public education and advocacy.  WRCT has supported ACHI with approximately $1.5 million since the center’s inception.

Using the WRCT award, ACHI will evaluate its potential and determine the most effective methods for improving the state’s health and health care in the future. Specifically, this funding will be used to ensure the continuity of existing programs and to conduct a three-month strategic planning process with the assistance of external consultants. ACHI also will explore possible ways to address business development, education, and poverty, as they relate to health and health care.

ACHI has been a catalyst and a leader in developing new statewide programs concerned with health care and access and also helped gather support for dedicating Arkansas’s share of the nationwide tobacco settlement to health care. More than $60 million from the settlement will be spent annually on health and health care needs and improvements for at least 25 years.

Other ongoing funded activities of ACHI include exploring and analyzing feasible plans for the expansion and improvement of health insurance coverage and access of health care within the state. ACHI is lead agency for the Arkansas Southern Rural Access Program, a project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that aims to improve access to health care in underserved rural areas of the South. ACHI, which played a major role in planning the new UAMS College of Public Health, will continue increasing awareness of the importance of health issues among Arkansas’ key populations, including the general public.

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