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SEPT. 28, 2001 | The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and two partner campuses have received a $6 million grant for a complex project to link biomedical researchers around Arkansas. See the complete announcement here.

Biomedical research involves highly sophisticated machines and can yield important scientific discoveries. Richard Kurten, Ph.D., director of the Digital and Confocal Microscopy Laboratory at UAMS and Charlotte Peterson, Ph.D., director of the cDNA Microarray Core Facility at UAMS, discuss their work and show the amazing world to be seen through cellular microscopes. (3.33 min.)    

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Dale Seidenschwarz and Michael Morris are the videographers. Seidenschwarz is the video editor. Elizabeth F. Shores is the producer.

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Original Article – This article originally appeared as a UAMS Today article on September 27, 2001: http://www.uams.edu/today/092701/video.htm