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OCT. 25, 2001 | Finding information on UAMS Online is now easier, thanks to a new and improved internal search engine.

The new search engine locates document files such as PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, and Word files, as well as HTML documents. It uses a different strategy for finding relevant links, operates on a faster computer, and is updated nightly. A link to the new search engine is located at the top of the home page.

Brian Cobb, the UAMS webmaster and project program specialist in the Office of Academic Computing, developed the new search engine.

The Office of UAMS Online and the UAMS Web Site Committee are working now on guidelines to make pages on the UAMS site easier to find for users worldwide. The guidelines will address the forms of title, description, and keywords that producers of individual pages should be sure to include. Elizabeth F. Shores is director of UAMS Online.

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